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Nightshade – A Lover Cat


I Have a Home!

Meow! After nearly one in year of being up for adoption, our dear sweet friend Nightshade, found her new home. This is a wonderful way to bring in the new year of 2007! After a couple of near adoptions, Nightshade was welcomed home by a loving lady and her grown daughter who wanted to give Nightshade a wonderful life. We know that Nightshade will forever express her gratitude and devotion to these kind souls who picked Nighshade out for her endearing spirit and for her long trial of enduring her stay in our adoption center. We volunteers of We CARE-4-Paws are so happy for her and will miss her dearly.

About Beautiful Nightshade

Beautiful Nightshade is a four-year old female Black and White kitty. She has been in our company now since April of 2006 and is so longing for a loving home to settle down in. She enjoys the company of other calm and gentle kitties. Other cats seem to want to be in her company too. Some people think she is aggressive, but she just likes to wrestle and give love bites to your hand. She loves to play with young kittens too.

What Nightshade Wants

All Nightshade wants and needs is to live a loving and welcoming home. She will make herself at home in an instant and would sit up on your lap to let you know you have given her a gift she has been searching for. Nighshade is very deserving of a nice life, would you give her a home? You can find Nightshade in our Mountain Road Adoption Center in the Glen Burnie PetSmart on 29 Mountain Road.

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Mitzi, A Special Kitty


A Home, A Bed, A Happy Tail!

Mitzi’s long wait for a new home finally came to a heartwarming conclusion this mid-August of 2006. Today, Mitzi is lounging in her new home in Rhode Island, all happy and content. Our super volunteer team literally went the extra mile to ensure Mitzi’s placement into a loving family’s home, where she will rule the house on her own terms. This will make Mitzi very happy!

The Journey Begins

Dear Mitzi, who has been with the Mountain Road adoption center since late-May spent another day lounging in her cage, wondering where her new home would be. It was a long wait for her, longer than we knew. She was originally in the Annapolis adoption center since the beginning of the year and eventually was transferred to Mountain Road.

The Interested Party

As the months passed, there were many “interested” lookers at Mitzi, but none were serious. That is, until one Sunday evening when a gentleman from Rhode Island who was visiting Maryland showed up. He took a look a Mitzi and remarked at how similar she was to a cat he knew of that recently passed on. It always seems like this happens, a family or person loses their dear friend, only to see their friend’s double in our adoption center. Some take it as a sign to adopt, other’s are just not emotionally ready to have a “replacement.” This Gentleman was teetering on the latter.

Well, the Gentleman thought he better think about this because he had a lot of things to consider. First, he was leaving the next day to return to Rhode Island via air travel, so he wasn’t too sure about the logistics. Lastly, how could he transport her to her new home other than via an airline hop? He needed to be back the next day so renting a car and driving her up wasn’t option. So, with all this in mind, he left the store

For us, we had a feeling that a golden opportunity was slipping through Mitzi’s grasp and we were prepared to resume our hunt in earnest for a new home for Mitzi. Well, the Gentleman walked back in after a short respite, he must have experienced a fit of separation anxiety after departing Mitzi’s company! She was on his mind and he wanted to adopt her!

Taking Mitzi Home

The ending to our story is a nice one. One of our very own We CARE-4-Paws’ volunteers offered up her time and resources to chauffeur Dear Mitzi to Rhode Island to facilitate the adoption. So one late Sunday afternoon Mitzi and our volunteer departed on an eight-hour road trip. Mitzi rested calmly and happily, totally aware something special was in store for her. Later in the day, after a long day of travel, Mitzi was welcomed in to her new home! She immediately made herself at home, lounging, exploring and peering out of a window to take in her new surroundings. We went the extra mile, or many miles for our beautiful friend Mitzi!

About Beautiful Mitzi

Beautiful Mitzi is a two-year old female Tabby. She has been with us for a few months now and is long overdue for a new home. She sometimes hisses at other kitties, but she isn’t aggressive physically towards them. Mitzi just likes having her space when around other kitties. She is very sweet and loving towards people. Mitzi is easy going, laid back and loves being brushed.

What Mitzi Wants

All Mitzi wants is to live a safe, warm and welcoming home. She will be forever grateful and would shower her new family with love and affection. Mitzi is very deserving of a nice life, would you give her a home?

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Inseparable Pair

Inseparable Pair

About Calvin and Oscar

The story for Calvin and Oscar is a very heartwarming one. Oscar was a four-month old kitten who was adopted from our Adoption Center in PetSmart’s Potomac Yard location in Northern Virginia. The adopter then wanted little Oscar to have a companion. We told her about two-year old Calvin who was in our Mountain Road Adoption Center in PetSmart of Pasadena, Maryland. We assured her that Calvin would be the perfect companion for little Oscar, so she took the long drive over to visit Calvin and was instantly charmed by his wonderful personality.

Calvin and Oscar’s Story

“This is to thank everyone who helped me in the adoption of my two wonderful cats. After the death of my best buddy Louie of 18 years, I decided it was just too sad and lonely not to have another pet. I started a search to find the perfect orange and white cat who would resemble my Louie. In this process, I not only found one cat but two with a little help from Vickie and Frank at We CARE-4-Paws. I ended up adopting Oscar and Calvin within a one week period. Adopting two younger cats (4 months & 2 years) was a eye opener compared to my old guy.”


“Kittens sure do have plenty of energy and they are in to just about everything. There is not a plant in my house that has been spared. They are both a completely adorable and spoiled rotten. I buy treats in bulk. They have become the best of friends and are completely inseparable. I now have plenty of company and hours upon hours of entertainment. They have definitely brightened up my days. I just love the royal greeting I get everyday when I get home and I wake up to wet noises every morning. I would not want it any other way and highly recommend it to others. Once again thank you so much!”

Sweet Rosie


About Sweet Rosie

Sweet Rosie is a beautiful and loving short haired Black Tabby. She found her new home in the Summer of 2005. Rosie stayed with us for a long few weeks with us before finally finding her new family. Rosie was such a sweet kitty and her distinctive meow set her apart from the other kitties in the adoption center. Rosie would spend her time taking long naps on our volunteers laps, she really loved the company of people. She was a very patient and loving kitty cat who just wanted to find a new home.

Rosie’s New Family

Her new family says that Rosie is the Queen of the House. She has put on some much needed weight and is happy to show it off. She is showered with love and gives it in return. we know now that Rosie is in very good hands and are happy to know that Rosie will live a long and happy life. We miss her very much.

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Ceasar, A Handsome Kitty


Ceasar Finds A Home!

Beautiful Ceasar, a very handsome two-year dark striped Tabby, has finally found his “forever” home! After a very long stay of two months in our Adoption Center, we solicited our volunteers to take Ceasar in for a “Slumber Party.” These little mini-vacations are intended to let a kitty experience the trappings of a home life, restoring their spirits, refreshing their souls and to just have some companionship 24/7.

Ceasaar Works His Charm

Ceasar wanted to be in a nice and loving home where he can run and play. He slowly worked his way into the hearts and minds of his “foster” family, slowly revealing the handsome charm and gentle freindliness he has within. At first, Ceasar was very cautious and protective of himself. New surroundings are always a challenge for an adult kitty, especially when there are dogs and cats already present. But, Ceasar is a very self-confident kitty who once he knows that this is “his” place to stay, begins to socialize and interact with all who surround him with joy.

Ceasar’s New Family

Ceasar now has a new family with dogs and kitties for his new pals. He is very happy now and loves to watch the birdies through his window perch. He also loves to have his fresh water served up directly from the faucet. For those who may have passed Ceasar up when they met him, they have missed out on a great opportunity for a wonderful lifetime companion. We knew though, that Ceasar had it within himself to be a wonderful cat, well-mannered and even-tempered. He just wanted to be given the time for him to develop the trust he has, to know that he is really wanted and that he’ll never be wanting for a family again. We wish Ceasar well, we will miss his freindly presence in the Adoption Center.

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Sylvia, Our Very Beautiful Kitty


About Beauitful Sylvia

Sylvia is beautiful one-year old Calico-Tabby short hair kitty with a gentle loving personality. Sylvia has been residing with us since mid-March and is long overudue for finding a new home. Sylvia’s personality can be described as being a very docile and demure kitty cat. She loves to be tenderly stroked and brushed and she will purr to her heart’s content. Sylvia is a little bashful, so a slow and calm approach to her is a great ice-breaker on first meeting with her.

What Sylvia Wants

All Sylvia wants is a chance to live in a safe, warm and welcoming home, she will be forever grateful and would shower her new family with love and affection. Sylvia would get along with other kitty cats as long as they are nice and gentle too. She’s always looking to make new kitty friends. She’d prefer to be around older children who would respect her and treat her kindly. Sylvia is a very kind and sweet kitty, would you give her a home?

Interested in Adopting Sylvia?

You can visit Sylvia at our Adoption Center in the Mountain Road PetSmart Store in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Our adoption fee is $135.00 cash or check. You will receive $50.00 of PetSmart Store Coupons, a $30.00 certificate from the Banfield Veterinary Clinics and an option to activate 30-days of health care insurance from Shelter Care for $1.00. Snowy comes with all her updated shots, Rabies vaccination certificate and she has been spayed

Need Directions?

Example: “1826 Treeview Ct, Crofton, MD” or a ZIP code will work.

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Sasha, Our Special Kitty

Sasha by the window

Happy Ending for Beauitful Sasha

Beautiful Sasha found her forever home this Thursday, the 25th of May. She had made remarkable progress while in the foster care of a We-CARE-4-Paws volunteer. She spent the last night in her foster home meticulously grooming and preening herself. Sasha was making sure she would be presentable for her meeting with a potential adopter. Upon meeting her prospective adopter, she affectionately rubbed up and around his legs. The gentleman did not hesitate in saying that she was the cat for him. So, a long journey for Sasha comes to a close. She will be in a nice home with a loving patient owner, as she adopted a new family 🙂

Sasha Update

We have very good news about Sasha’s home life. Seems she has really taken to the gentleman adopter and has made herself quite at home in his residence. He says she lays about on the floor purring, wagging her tail and spends time rubbing up and around him whenever she can. She jumps up on the bed now and sleeps with and spends hours relaxing on his chest. Needless to say, the gentleman is very happy with Sasha and feels he has his lifetime companion with him now. Sasha is very fortunate to have someone take in her who understood Sasha’s need for patience and gave her chance to be a house kitty.

About Beauitful Sasha

Sasha is a beautiful two-year old Ragdoll/Seal Point mix with very deep blue eyes. Sasha has been emotionally stressed the past few months. She has been relocated between adoption centers a couple of times. Sasha did not like living a small cage for such a prolonged time and became very fustrated with her situation. Her hardened demeanor belies the beautiful loving kitty cat within.

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A Lovely Angel

Angel All Comfy

Angel Finds A Home!

Beautiful Angel finds her home just in time for Chrismas! Angel had spent time with us for two long months. She was very patient while waiting for her new home. Angel is a beautiful Grey/White Tabby full of love and passion.

A Hard Life

Angel lead a trauma filled life before coming into the care of the We CARE-4-Paws volunteers. Her previous owner was a disabled senior-citizen who moved out of her house to live with her sister. But, she couldn’t take Angel along with her, so the lady’s family members would visit Angel in her old home to feed her. But, this was not the good life for Angel. She was kept in a metal cage with no room for freedom and movement. Worse yet was her being left alone for long long periods of time

Enter Caring Hearts

Upon hearing of her plight, We CARE-4-Paws sprang into action, rescuing and fostering her in a volunteer’s home before turning Angel in to Last Chance Animal Rescue. She was in a very sad condition with mucho fleas and unkepmpt fur. Angel was given a thorough flea bath and brushed out completely. Ohhh, how she loved to be clean and well-groomed.

The Long Search Begins

We then turned Angel over to Last Chance Animal Rescue where she given a thorough medical examination and updates to her shots. They then placed her with us in our PetSmart Charities Pet Adoption center where we welcomed Angel in with wide open and loving arms.

Wait No More

Angel, a very beautul kitty did have an issue, she was very overweight! At 35-pounds, it was a very challenging factor for us to find the perfect match for her new home. Days turned to weeks and then to months. Finally, we searched within our own group of We CARE-4-Paws volunteers to see if anyone would foster her. When a kitty has been with us for a long while, we like to give them a weekend break with one of our volunteers, we call this a “Slumber Party.” A volunteer stepped up, seems that Angel had put a paw in the volunteer’s heart, as she did with all of us. 🙂

Home to Stay!

Angel worked her charms and won the hearts and minds of her foster parents. Though her stay was to be for a week, she stayed two-weeks. Then, upon the day of her return, the volunteer could not stand the thought of parting with this beautiful spirit, so as in a good ending to a nice story, the volunteer adopted Angel! Angel now lives a very happy and content life, living in a home with caring parents who love her very much. We’re so happy for her

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