About Us

We are a small organization, based in Knoxville, IL, active in the rescue and rehoming of abandoned, surrendered, abused or neglected dogs.

As a rescue organization, we work to pull dogs from the shelters, or receive them through private surrenders, and then place them in private foster homes.

We are not a shelter or humane society. We are a group of volunteers working together to help dogs in need.

We carry out this mission by engaging community-based volunteers in dogs cats rescue, foster care, and adoption programs geared toward preventing animal abuse, neglect, and slaughter. By striving to ensure healthy living conditions for all dogs and cats, we believe that citizens young and old will gain a better understanding of the dog and cat species and its important contribution to the American way of life.

A lack of dog-keeping facilities is a problem; many of our volunteer positions have nothing to do with hands-on dog care. Many do not require any prior knowledge or training. The weekly time needed to complete each volunteer duty is less than 5 hours per week, for most positions.

We have many virtual volunteering opportunities, as well. Our mission is to help provide safe and forever homes,for our dogs and cats. We also offer emergency food assistance to pets in Okanogan county. We provide the pets with quality puppy food made by the top brands in the industry including Blue Buffalo, Big Heart, Diamond.

So please help us by Donating today to help us feed and care for our rescued paws and with vet bills to keep us going! Remember all of your Donations are tax deductable, and we hope you enjoy our website.

Our Missions

We Care 4 Paws’ mission is to:

1. Provide Sanctuary for Special Needs Dogs until their forever homes can be found. Under special circumstances, We Care 4 Paws will admit special needs dogs such as mothers with new born puppies, puppies without mothers, shy puppy mill dogs, elderly dogs, dogs with physical or health related issues, and bully breeds facing euthanasia at parterning shelters. At this time we are only able to take dogs.

2. Medical Expense Fund: Assist families who cannot afford it with funding for spay or neuter of companion animals.

3. Pay it Forward Fund: Provide financial support to families who have high cost vet care needs for companion animals who would otherwise be relnquished to a shelter or euthanized because of expense.