Happy Tails

Nightshade – A Lover Cat

NightshadeMeow! After nearly one in year of being up for adoption, our dear sweet friend Nightshade, found her new home. This is a wonderful way to bring in the new year of 2007! After a couple of near adoptions, Nightshade was welcomed home by a loving lady and her grown daughter who wanted to give Nightshade a wonderful life. We know that Nightshade will forever express her gratitude and devotion to these kind souls who picked Nighshade out for her endearing spirit and for her long trial of enduring her stay in our adoption center. We volunteers of We CARE-4-Paws are so happy for her and will miss her dearly.

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Mitzi, A Special Kitty

MitziMitzi’s long wait for a new home finally came to a heartwarming conclusion this mid-August of 2006. Today, Mitzi is lounging in her new home in Rhode Island, all happy and content. Our super volunteer team literally went the extra mile to ensure Mitzi’s placement into a loving family’s home, where she will rule the house on her own terms. This will make Mitzi very happy!

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Inseparable Pair

Inseparable PairThe story for Calvin and Oscar is a very heartwarming one. Oscar was a four-month old kitten who was adopted from our Adoption Center in PetSmart’s Potomac Yard location in Northern Virginia. The adopter then wanted little Oscar to have a companion. We told her about two-year old Calvin who was in our Mountain Road Adoption Center in PetSmart of Pasadena, Maryland. We assured her that Calvin would be the perfect companion for little Oscar, so she took the long drive over to visit Calvin and was instantly charmed by his wonderful personality.

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Sweet Rosie

RosieSweet Rosie is a beautiful and loving short haired Black Tabby. She found her new home in the Summer of 2005. Rosie stayed with us for a long few weeks with us before finally finding her new family. Rosie was such a sweet kitty and her distinctive meow set her apart from the other kitties in the adoption center. Rosie would spend her time taking long naps on our volunteers laps, she really loved the company of people. She was a very patient and loving kitty cat who just wanted to find a new home.

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Ceasar, A Handsome Kitty

CeasarCeasar’s dream of finding his “forever” home has come to a happy ending. Ceasar went home with one of our special volunteers who invited him in for a few nights stay, a “slumber party” as we call it. These little vacations away from the Adoption Center are available to kitties who’ve just spent a long time in the Adoption Center without yet finding a home.

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Sylvia, Our Very Beautiful Kitty

SylviaSylvia is beautiful one-year old Calico-Tabby short hair kitty with a gentle loving personality. Sylvia has been residing with us since mid-March and is long overudue for finding a new home. Sylvia’s personality can be described as being a very docile and demure kitty cat. She loves to be tenderly stroked and brushed and she will purr to her heart’s content. Sylvia is a little bashful, so a slow and calm approach to her is a great ice-breaker on first meeting with her.

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Sasha, Our Special Kitty

Sasha by the windowBeautiful Sasha found her forever home this Thursday, the 25th of May. She had made remarkable progress while in the foster care of a We-CARE-4-Paws volunteer. She spent the last night in her foster home meticulously grooming and preening herself. Sasha was making sure she would be presentable for her meeting with a potential adopter. Upon meeting her prospective adopter, she affectionately rubbed up and around his legs. The gentleman did not hesitate in saying that she was the cat for him. So, a long journey for Sasha comes to a close. She will be in a nice home with a loving patient owner, as she adopted a new family 🙂

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A Lovely Angel

Angel All ComfyBeautiful Angel finds her home December 7, 2005. She had been with us for two long months. Angel is a beautiful Grey/White Tabby full of love and passion. Angel lead a trauma filled life before coming into the care of the We CARE-4-Paws volunteers. Her previous owner was a disabled senior-citizen who moved out of her house to live with her sister. But, she couldn’t take Angel along with her, so the lady’s family members would visit Angel in her old home to feed her. But, this was not the good life for Angel. She was kept in a metal cage with no room for freedom and movement. Worse yet was her being left alone for long long periods of time

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