Donate To Us

WC4P is an unincorporated NON PROFIT volunteer based RESCUE organization that is ALWAYS looking for more help. The more help we get, the more dogs get saved and adopted. We always will need extra foster families to offer at least 1 availability up to 5, to temp. foster a dog/pup until he/she/they are adopted to a family.

To volunteer, you need to fill out an application. Once approved, we would then request a “Home Visit”. A “home visit” is simply to ensuring the home is safe for a dog to be placed. Nothing more. Just please make sure if you rent/lease, or live in an apartment, there is NO BREED RESTRICTION.

Once that is completed, Junior or myself will contact you when a dog is in need a foster home. All expenses for food, shelter, vaccinations, spay & neuter are funded privatly through myself. other volunteers (foster families) as well, and through donations.

During the fostering process, I will be in touch to provide the vet care and the spay & neuter process as well as weekly follow up’s. You, as a Volunteer and or Foster Parent are responsible for providing shelter for the dog in your home, feed, administer prescribed medications, walk, bathe, nurture, train (if app.) socialize, and engage in fun activities with the dog. You would also be responsible for making sure the dog makes his/her/their VET appointments.

If you are unable to, all’s we ask is that we are notified prior to appointment. No biggie. This is a VITAL step in the rehabilitation for some dog’s. The “Foster Process” is usually temporary. The time frame in which it takes for a dog to be adopted is always unknown. Please have plenty of time and patience to provide proper care.

If anything is to come up and you are no longer able to foster the dog, we require that you return the dog to myself/junior. We do not allow for a dog to be “given away, sold, or placed with a shelter”. Not even in Emergency situations. Someone here will always be able to pick up the dog from your home.

If you are interested in becoming a VOLUNTEER FOSTER FAMILY please click on the “FOSTER APPLICATION” link below, fill it out online, save as, and attach it to an email addressed to