An Animal Adoption Volunteer Group

Thank You Volunteers!We CARE-4-Paws is an animal adoption volunteer group comprised of like-minded individuals who volunteer their loving hands and hearts in making a difference for our furry friends.

We CARE-4-Paws is partnered with Last Chance Animal Rescue [LCAR] who rescues our furry friends and places them in select PetSmart Charities Pet Adoption Centers from Maryland to Northern Virginia.

We CARE-4-Paws volunteers, on behalf of LCAR, staff and manage these PetSmart Charities Pet Adoption Centers with whom LCAR is partnered with.

Finding Homes for Beautiful Friends

Beautiful FriendsWe CARE-4-Paws volunteers are diligent and caring in placing our beautiful animal friends in loving and caring homes. Our mission is to ensure that all our furry friends will never ever again be lonely, sad, mistreated or abandoned.

Our furry friends are showered with non-stop love and attention while in our care. We want to make sure their stay with us is a rewarding one, so they will know that soon, a very nice home and family will take them in with loving arms and warm hearts.

Volunteers Are Valuable

Kitty Adoptions:
Since the year 2005
One Adoption Center
alone found Homes for
over 900 Kitties!

We CARE-4-Paws volunteers are our most valuable asset. We are dedicated and committed to ensure that animals who come into our care will never again be alone, hungry, sick, afraid, or in pain.

Loving AnimalsYou will find our We CARE-4-Paws volunteers in select PetSmart Charities Pet Adoption Centers providing care, shelter and love for our furry friends; assisting potential adopters and providing useful information to PetSmart customers.

Come join our volunteer team and make a difference in the lives our furry friends as they await their new forever homes.

Find a We CARE-4-Paws Volunteer

You will find We CARE-4-Paws volunteers in the PetSmart Charities Pet Adoption Centers throughout Maryland to Northern Virginia with whom Last Chance Animal Rescue is partnered with.

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Contact We CARE-4-Paws via our online Contact Form for more information about volunteering and our volunteer group.

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