We CARE-4-Paws.Org Privacy Policy

While browsing our web site we may ask for your e-mail address. If you give us your e-mail address for any reason:

  • We will NEVER pass your e-mail address on to anyone, no matter what.
  • We won’t get in contact with you over trivial matters – only to let you know when there has been a significant update to this site (daily news does not count)
  • We will not store any personal data about yourself – any surveys that may appear will only be for our own use in ascertaining your preferences and thoughts on this site. Any data collected will be destroyed once it has been analyzed.
  • While cookies are used, they are only used for non-personal data. Currently, cookies are used ONLY to store your display preferences. If there is any change in this, it will be detailed on this page.

So, browse on and stay happy people!

Please contact us if this Privacy Policy does not address any concerns you may have.

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