Successful Adoptions


Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
Species: Dog
Rescue ID: 11-012
General Color: Brown/Chocolate
Current Size: 45 Pounds
Potential Size: 45 Pounds


Layla’s rehab is going very well. She’s goin’ mobile, though she still has a slight limp. She’ll continue to have physical therapy through August, and we’ll begin working to rebuild her leg muscles in September. She’s spent her summer so far meeting and greeting neighbors, folks attending events at Hoover Days, random park rangers, and pedestrians all around downtown West Branch. Visit the Branch and get greeted by Layla today!!

Layla is a loving, lighthearted, friendly little chocolate girl rescued from a local shelter. A slight underbite gives her a determined and adorable look. Right now she weighs about 40# and is around a year old.

In her young life, Layla has lived with multiple cats, old dogs, young dogs, female and male dogs, dogs of all sizes. She very much enjoys the company of other dogs, and can be seen in many photos lounging around smack in the middle of a dog pile, often draped over another dog. She is open and welcoming to new people (men and children included). She’s a great snuggler who sleeps in bed with her person and her pack, and her preference is to share the pillow.

She is housebroken and crate trained, and she knows the following commands: Sit, Down, Paw, and “Go in your house” (crate). She goes into her crate and sits before feeding time and waits after the bowl is set down (“wait” command is first two fingers held up) until she hears “OK”. One behavior we’re keeping an eye on/working on: She is slightly sneaky with toys/bones (she typically wants to steal another dog’s bone even if she has one…or two…already) and seems not entirely to “get” dog warning/corrections. That said, she loves other dogs and would probably be happiest in a home in which she had a friendly canine to bond with.

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