Trap & Release

We advocate a strenuous “Trap and Release” program where feral kitties are trapped, fixed [spayed and/neutered] and then released back to their home territory. In some cases, if a kitty and/or kittens are deemed friendly and social, they are introduced into our adoption program.

Who to Contact for Trap and Release:

Rose Bauman @ 410-760-4244

Rose will return your call to gather information, so please have the following information ready.

  1. Location of kitties and/or litter?
  2. Times you are available?
  3. How many kitties?

Under all circumstances, do not separate kittens from their queen mother. Many times, the mama cat may be skittish or reluctant to have human contact. The kittens on the other hand, may not be so skittish. So, kittens are usually trapped first, then used as lure within a humane trap to entice the mother cat.

If They Are Adoptable:

Once entered into Last Chance Animal Rescue’s adoption program, the kitties undergo a thorough examination and given a battery of treatments. These treatments include: deworming with Strongid, treated for fleas and ticks with Frontline, tested for Feline Immunodefeciency Virus and Feline Luekemia Virus, vaccinated for Distemper and if age/weight appropriate, given a Rabies vaccination.

Finally, the kitties are then hosted in one of our PetSmart store’s PetSmart Charities Adoption Centers where the We CARE-4-Paws volunteers cares and tends to their daily needs.

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