Beth Boggs

“Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to save animals. Some of my earliest childhood memories are helping out on my grandparents farm. They live next door to my parents and I helped out on the farm, almost daily, until they retired from farming and sold all their animals. Then I started helping out some neighbors by taking care of their horses every day before & after school. I often went to the llama farm to help out as well.

I used to want to be a veterinarian and started studying anything I could about animal care and first aid before I was even in High School. I saved my first injured wild animal when I was in Junior High (a cottontail rabbit that I named Clover). In High School I started working at a local animal clinic. I found the work too heartbreaking after time (I wanted to save them all) and left. I did volunteer from time to time at another Animal Hospital later on though.

I have always taken in animals in need, treated them if I could – gotten them professional care if I couldn’t, then rehomed the ones that my family didn’t keep. I wanted to start this rescue because there’s such a need for it and we really can’t keep them all, no matter how much we fall in love with them!”

Billy Boggs

“I’ve always liked animals. Growing up we always had dogs that I had a lot of fun hiking with. Over the years I’ve had many pets, even ferrets. I enjoy helping my wife, and the others, with the rescue because I agree its really needed in our area and I can feel good about the work we’re doing.”

Brittani Hanning

“I have a soft spot for all animals, especially bunnies! I’ve had dogs ever since I was a baby and was thrilled to get my bunny. I had longed for a bunny for three years she’s my baby (and very spoiled LOL). I got involved in the rescue because I love animals and it would be a dream come true be at a petting zoo whenever I want, which is kind of what this work is like”

Jennifer Rickey

Our rattie lover/expert that has millions of pics of her fur babies yet not a single one of herself…her pic and quote coming soon!